Connect TAPI to PBX

Apr 28, 2014 at 5:42 PM
I have PBX box in the office and number of phones (including soft-phones) connected to it.
The target is to listen for calls incoming to PBX and display callers numbers.

The problem : PBX is not recognized as valid address.

Some more details:
  • IP address of PBX is known.
  • PBX is located in office local network, but is not connected directly to my computer.
  • TAPI is initialized by TapiMgr = new JulMar.Tapi3.TTapi(); TapiMgr.Initialize();
  • Checking for needed addresses is done by
    foreach (TAddress addr in TapiMgr.Addresses) if (addr.QueryMediaType(TAPIMEDIATYPES.AUDIO)) { ... }
Question: How can I tell TAPI to listen for calls coming to PBX?

Thank you.